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The endless story game.

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edited 2:42PM May 26, 2020 in Off-Topic Discussion
So this is a forum game that normally have some sort of variation on most forums out there. So i was thinking why not make one here aswell!

This is a simple game with not that many rules:
1. You may only post ONE (1) word each reply.
2. There must be a minimum of ONE (1) other forum user to post a word before you may post again!
3. You may use any words that does not break forum CoC (Code of Conduct).
4. Keep the story civilized.

First person post a word and sends the message.
Next person sends another message with another word that makes sence to use in the sentence.
Next person adds an additional word and the word chain(story) keeps on going.

I will start this story of with the word:


The story will be compiled here every 40 replies :)