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Game will die quickly in its current state Beta2

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I love Kart rider and was excited to discover they made a new release world wide. Here are my thoughts.

1. Racing is fun but I feel no point to it. Most of the time its difficult to catch up if you fall behind on speed mode.
2. In Beta 2 I cant cancel a search so once I hit find match I have to be committed.
3. Cant do singles with a party. I don't always want to be nice to my friends. Sometimes I want to stomp them out and hit them with missiles.
4. Local custom matches should be a thing so we can party with friends only and not be faced against the guy who plays this 25 hours a day.
5. Matches are short and even worse is that if you fall behind and someone finishes first, it doesn't even let you finish. Could use more laps or larger maps.
6. When playing teams you should not have a red guy on the blue team. They should change the color of all the characters to be easier to tell.
7. Team matches we should not be able to aim a missile at an ally.
8. Collision is just bad. Sometimes I ram another person at top speed when they are stopped. Nothing happens to them. Only I come to a complete stop and they don't move. Once you collide on a wall its difficult to get back on track.
9. Should have an option to continue to auto queue to next match or have a single match consist of 2-3 maps. I seem to spend 2 minutes in lobby, 2 minutes loading the map, 2 minutes racing followed by 2 minutes watching end of race content and then you start over. Total is 6 minutes of non racing and 2 minutes of racing.


  • CapEricCapEric
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    1. Practice makes perfect. Know the map. Also there is a drag when you're behind. You speed up a bit automatically. The game giving you a chance. But this is all up to you.

    2. I'm glad I was not the only one...

    3. A room would help... But not a thing in Drift...

    4. 3.

    5. There are bigger maps. Just not in the game yet. Again 1.

    6. Yeah I agree. Should highlight much bolder to tell which team they are on.

    7. What?! A bug probably. Are you sure it was a team match?

    8. I guess they have not fixed it from Closed Beta 1... I sort of notice this too...

    9. I think in Classic they had a set up where you race a set amount of rounds. I hope it comes to Drift.
  • MrJuLiuSMrJuLiuS
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    I don't know guys... but, this game feels slow, the drift doesnt feel well and im agreed, collision feels really bad.
    Loading screen are too slow for my taste and in general, the game lost the original DNA (competitive and arcade fun). Also, the lobby is too minimalist, boring, without something that give me a reason for keep playing for hours and hours.

    This feels like, just a game for console with nothing to bring to hardcore players. I don't know, im playing a lot of kartRider Rush+, i did play the old KartRider, and i really believe this version is not even close of the fun i had in those games.

    I know, this is close beta, but come on, even Maplestory or games like Valorant in close beta was much much better than this.
    I hope the community get a KartRider game that they deserve.

    Nexon please, improve this.
  • PoofcatPoofcat
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    edited 11:13AM June 5, 2020
    MrJuLiuS wrote: »
    Loading screen are too slow for my taste

    I don't know if this is something Nexon can actually fix, because it's dependent on the load time of the person with the slowest computer in the room, kinda like league of legends from what I remember. When I play singleplayer the load screen is a matter of seconds.
  • MrJuLiuSMrJuLiuS
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    Poofcat wrote: »
    MrJuLiuS wrote: »
    Loading screen are too slow for my taste

    I don't know if this is something Nexon can actually fix, because it's dependent on the load time of the person with the slowest computer in the room, kinda like league of legends from what I remember. When I play singleplayer the load screen is a matter of seconds.

    yup but... the race shouldn't start until all players are connected, and a lot of times. the race starts before that i connect, so idk, for me the game just doesnt work well
  • ḐuskḐusk
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    1. The game has always been about just racing, but I do agree it begins to feel a bit shallow after a while with no goal to work toward. Can easily be rectified by flushing out the level progression system, right now levels have no purpose. As or speed mode being difficult to catch up, it's entirely skill based so if you're falling behind it's a good indicator of how much room there is for improvement.

    2. Happened to me a couple times as well, wouldn't worry about it too much though since it's still a beta build.[/li]

    3. Original KartRider allowed for public custom lobbies which would let you do exactly that. I'm honestly surprised there's only matchmaking and private lobbies, but I'm confident they'll add these features at some point.

    4. You can already do this with the current Custom Race feature, just make a lobby and give your friends the custom race key that gets generated so they can join.

    5. This has always been the pace of the game, and some tracks are just shorter than others. Right now the majority of the tracks in the beta are on the easier side. As you improve, falling behind will happen less often, it's just very common right now because a lot of veteran players are getting matched up against newcomers. If the license system comes back you won't be facing players with such a large skill gap until you're ready.

    6. Agreed, it's very confusing at times. The original KartRider worked the way you're describing, not sure why they changed it.

    7. Missiles don't lock on to teammates. If it was a team race, maybe you're confusing it with a magnet? Uses the same reticle as a missile and can lock on to allies.

    8. Work in progress, but yeah the collision definitely needs work. Collision between karts seems inconsistent, although that might be a netcode issue with certain laggy players. As for the typical wall collision, it feels better to just return to track most of the time instead of trying to get off the wall. Best way I could describe it is that walls cause way too much friction.

    9. Auto-ready was a thing in the original KartRider, won't be surprised if it gets added with public custom lobbies in the future.
  • WazzumikeWazzumike
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    Great game, would be better if you could throw your items backwards..... When you are in top 2 or 3 you end up getting lit up a lot.... When you are in first you can not throw items.... would make game even better....