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map votes

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in Gameplay Discussion
add map votes cuz it keep repeat same maps i couldnt get to specific map for challenge to complete n challenge want me to complete a race with cotton at village: bayside bridge track so please fix it thanks


  • ḐuskḐusk
    KartRider: Drift Rep: 425
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    I had the same issue with that challenge. Literally played Speed mode for over an hour only to have Bayside Bridge show up once!

    These track specific challenges are only going to get more frustrating to complete as more tracks are added. We really need public Custom Race lobbies like the original KartRider. Lobby host was allowed to select specific tracks and I believe it was possible to ban certain tracks so they wouldn't get picked from the random queue.

  • SAH77777SAH77777
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    We also want a map voting system like Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled's multiplayer.
    But voting time should only be for a short ~10 sec duration, so as not too impeed getting into races quickly.
  • CapEricCapEric
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    What is even better than a map vote is ROOM.
    Classic Kart Rider has it and the Room Host can change it to any map they wanted.
    Sadly this isn't how the devs. think the game should be right now which is super annoying...
  • SAH77777SAH77777
    KartRider: Drift Rep: 620
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    Agreed! The idea of a map room is even better, so I can race on the desert maps more often than not.