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  • Upgradable Practice Kart

    I noticed that the practice kart cannot be upgraded which makes it unusable for races since we can't win with that.

    As I do understand that it's simply meant for practice like the name says, but however it would be great to have an upgradable version of this kart. There's Intelli Kart and Intelli Kart Plus so why not give us a second version of the practice version which can be modified and be used for race? I do like the looks of the practice kart and even it's transformation so it would be great to have another and more playable version of this kart.
  • Worst Scoring System in Grand Prix

    Just had some item races...
    (standard kart)
    rank 6: -60 GPP
    rank 3: +35 GPP
    rank 2: +95 GPP
    rank 3: +51 GPP
    Can anybody explain this?

    Oh you are so right. It seem there's still more to it than the positions but I'm not sure what's really impacting. A Korean player said he got 200+ points one time he got first. Man I only get like 120+.

    One thing I can assume for sure is that maybe if we collide less and do more drifts and boosts in speed, we might get points I'm not sure. And for item mode, maybe for all the items used and the players hit in total. Maybe there could be points there too.

    But here are few more of my results.

    I'm losing my sanity from the score system lol but maybe if we could see the points every players got in the same race, we could probably determine it better.
  • Western Speed community NEED this answered!!!!!!

    I was literally leaving feedbacks to them that this is not going to end well for the game.

    I am playing on Asia server and I have been facing this issue ever since that maintenance update in February as well.
    I literally saw this coming and the game lost it's one chance to make its best first impression to the players on Season 1. Well at least everyone has finally come together for an answer.

    Will Nexon address this issue and solve everything? I hope they don't put aside these issues until the end of Season 1 or even longer. Then the game is bound to flop real hard.
  • A Couple Thoughts on Season 1

    Finally got into some Grand Prix game and the amount of rating you lose is insane; please change this

    This is what I'm talking about. The scoring system in Grand Prix makes it really unplayable. The people left behind just tend to give up way too often as well.
  • Memes

    Oh realised we could upload memes here as well lol.

    Me logging into the game to see if something new came out after preseason racing pass ends: