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  • Western Speed community NEED this answered!!!!!!

    Everything is right
  • Western Speed community NEED this answered!!!!!!

    realDream wrote: »

    After putting 700 hours in this game, it's time to have a talk.

    There has been no communication towards the players about the ongoing issues,

    So in name of the Western community, we would like to get some answers.
    The current state of the game is unacceptable.
    I will keep this post short so it can be addressed properly.

    2 major issues that are making the game unplayable for the West.

    1. Queue / matchmaking

    Europe GP is completely dead once reaching silver 1, we are lucky to find 1 game a day.
    NA GP sometimes finds games because their server range is wider.
    Overall both are dead for the people who actually play the game.
    And even when we do find a game, there is the ping slapping issue, which we will get to in point 2.

    The range of rank and region must be widened,
    Silver 1 should be able to match with Silver 3, win or lose more points depending on the average rank of the lobby.
    Silver 2 - Gold 1, Silver 3 - Gold 2, etc,

    We do not care that we have to play in a red ping lobby (if point 2 is resolved), we need consistent games, we need something to grind.

    You are currently giving us no reason at all to play the game,
    GP is dead, Matchmaking is unplayable because of point 2,
    We can't even go into customs with our friends anymore, again because of point 2.

    So we are supposed to sit in queue and spin our kart?

    + Why are there still item maps in the speed matchmaking pool?
    No speed player has any interest in playing these.

    2. Ping / rubberbanding / teleporting

    Since that patch of FEBRUARY 16TH the red ping players have become a warping army of death.
    Before this patch we had no issues facing red ping players.

    You cannot see them, they are teleporting all around you so you cannot predict where they are driving.
    You cannot go anywhere near them, the rubberbanding is so bad that you will get hit by them no matter what, so its extremely hard to get by them.
    When they slap you, your kart gets put to a complete stop, you are basically getting hit by a concrete wall.

    And there is no if, they will slap you if you are anywhere near them, and this goes for every red ping player.
    Even bumping into orange ping can be lethal, the orange pings sometimes blink red for a second and warp to the next player near them to ruin their game.

    You know the exact date when it started, you know all the data that has been uploaded in that patch, why is it taking so long to fix this?

    So because of these issues, the people who love this game and play it as much as they can, have nothing to do.
    And we have not been given a single form of communication about this, yet every serious player is talking about it.

    Are you aware that these problems have been ongoing for a while now?
    What is being done about these 2 issues?
    What is the ETA on the fix?

    Thank you for listening.
    We are not haters, if anything, we are your biggest fans.

    Kind regards.

    The West

    Waiting Rider