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  • A tip (I have game design experience)

    VythanLe wrote: »
    So Nexon, I know you are following the "Casual game means more players, free game means more micro sales" method, but if you look closely at the market, the most popular games are typically not the super casual ones.

    For example. Fortnite.
    It was super popular and now it's dying. Most of the streamers have quit and it's not worth playing anymore because they can't afford to fix simple running glitches that have been in the game for 3 years.
    Instead they just release the same marvel skin packs over and over again, to try to keep it "fresh" (obviously not working)

    So basic things like battle passes and new seasons aside, which are reasonably easy and have no effect on the quality of the game in comparison to:

    Brand distinction. You have seen it all over these forums. The overwhelming majority of your playerbase will come from past Kartrider players.
    Then what happens is, if it's a good game, those original players will drive the popularity of the game to increase.

    You did not keep the brand distinction, and I can see that there are two main complaints about this new reskin of rush+.

    One: The drifting angles and controls are not the same as previous games

    Two: it lacks social aspect, there is no communication factor in lobbies or pregame/after game

    and one that I found: while drifting angles and controls are not the same as previous games, the speed is also off. I played against bots and successfully played like rush+ with constant drift charges (though due to the controls it was a painful and clunky experience similar to AVGN's LJN game experience) The thing is, when I perform perfect drift cuts and maintain almost a constant boost, the bots are keeping up and beating me with no drifting at all.

    This is because the forward speed/to boost speed ratio is off. Boost is too slow (keep in mind I am using an unupgraded car) But it's also because, since the drift angles are off, the slow down of your forward speed while drifting is so significant, that it's actually not worth drifting at all.

    Now this is where this part comes in: A racing game is a competitive game where there are places, the goal of the game is that the better driver wins, not to keep everyone mashed up in the center, colliding with eachother, (and the collision physics in this game are not optimized for racing flow, I am constantly keeping stuck on things. In rush+ if you hit a wall it won't have nearly the game stopping/breaking effect that hitting a wall in this game will. I have seen doom mods (SRB2 kart) that do better than this at contact physics.

    So here is what you NEED and will HAVE to do because you have no choice if you want to make this game a success.

    Copy and paste the drift angle code from rush+ into drift (easy)
    optimize contacts to reduce game flow crippling (this is a kart game, not a realistic physics forza game, and the maps that you copied and pasted are not designed for it)
    add social aspect
    instead of trying to keep everyone in a mish mash int he center, fix the speeds to disperse players. (do you want an easy game, or a fun game?) there is no fun in holding W key and going 20mph colliding with everyone (with broken physics)

    On another note, the playerbase is indeed dead, dead dead. I am sure you are using bot fillers labeled as players for your player only que, because they are either just that bad or the game is that broken.
    Speed que is so unsought, that it took 5 minutes and canceled itself. (which is also a problem, because the race starts so quickly, I can't leave the screen to wait and so I am forced to stare at the stupid character and spin them around)

    Never ever under any circumstances take a popular game and turn it into a different game, it always ends badly. Your business team should know that.

    The only good thing I have found in this game is the upgrade system and it's equality, the rest is copy paste and broken.

    Also when it comes to business company, don't use them. They are idiots who have never played a game before other than subway surfers and base their judgements off of graph sheets.
    The thing is, those graph sheets are made by other companies. Meaning: Either it's false information or misinformation.

    Casual games don't make lots of sales because they are cheap and broken. Casual games make a lot because they are available on a wide range of platforms, and people play them to refresh themselves from
    the REAL GAMES. But if you look at the real gaming community, fortnite and call of duty stand way out. Both of which were difficult until fortnite noobified itself and now kids don't want to play anymore because there is no challenge.

    It really screams that you guys got someone in your company that has no idea what he's doing. First you butcher this game and now you want to rehaul a 20+ year old game (mabinogi) instead of making a new one by copying and pasting most of the systematic code as to not kill brand image. It's almost like someone at your publishing company got really sad because he was so bad at games, and decided to make it a rule that all games must be extreme smooth brain/non-gamer/casual level. You also sold your biggest money maker (dungeon fighter) if I remember correctly, for no reason?

    It would appear someone in your company is trying to kill your company. You went from almost AAA publisher down to bottom of the barrel, there are indie publishers better than you guys now, by a long shot.

    Nexon's new KartRider Rush+ reskin is failing to capture the original player base due to:

    Unfamiliar controls: Drifting angles and handling feel different.
    Lack of social features: No communication options in lobbies.
    Balancing issues: Boost feels slow, drifting slows you down too much.
    Physics not suited for racing: Collisions disrupt flow and aren't optimized.
    Dead playerbase: Long wait times and suspected bot use in queues.
    Here's what players suggest:

    Maintain brand identity: Keep core mechanics from previous KartRider games.
    Improve physics: Optimize collisions for smoother racing.
    Add social features: Allow communication between players.
    Balance speed and drifting: Make drifting a viable strategy.
    Focus on fun, not forced grouping: Spread players out during races.
    The overall message is to prioritize core gameplay and respect the existing player base for a successful game.