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  • Hyped for Closed Beta 2. What do you want to see?

    NovaKR wrote: »
    Definitely maps.

    This for me aswell! But i also cant wait to just race around with other players ingame
  • The endless story game.

    So this is a forum game that normally have some sort of variation on most forums out there. So i was thinking why not make one here aswell!

    This is a simple game with not that many rules:
    1. You may only post ONE (1) word each reply.
    2. There must be a minimum of ONE (1) other forum user to post a word before you may post again!
    3. You may use any words that does not break forum CoC (Code of Conduct).
    4. Keep the story civilized.

    First person post a word and sends the message.
    Next person sends another message with another word that makes sence to use in the sentence.
    Next person adds an additional word and the word chain(story) keeps on going.

    I will start this story of with the word:


    The story will be compiled here every 40 replies :)
  • Hello everyone!

    NovaKR wrote: »
    Hello, Dan, and welcome to the Kartrider scene. I'd be happy to add you when the upcoming beta is here. I'm a western Kartrider vet, and I can definitely agree that time does fly by quickly. Just a few years ago the tiny scene we had would've never thought Kartrider would come to the west, but I always held out hope that my favorite game of all-time would resonant with players across the globe if presented correctly. Anyways, since you're back to making YT vids and streaming, I highly suggest that you log your Kartrider memories with your vids/streams. I've been doing that myself, and it's always nice to look back at the fun times I had alone, with friends, or with interesting strangers.

    Have fun in the next Closed Beta! I hope we meet each other on one of the new tracks :)

    Sounds good, and i am planning on making a few videos of this experience ^^ I will most likely also stream this and play with viewers to get more involved with everyone =)
    Hope to see ya on the tracks aswell :D
  • Some fan art already

    That looks so nice good job!
  • Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, i am late to write an introduction, but i felt like now it is time to write a small introduction about who i am and i hope people wanna be friends when the game comes out!

    My name is Dan, i am mainly playing Maplestory currently and i recently got back into making youtube videos aswell as twitch stream wich i am really happy about. I am a university student and i been blogging for 2 years this years, and to be honest i feel like time really fly by way to fast!

    If you have any questions or wanna be friends feel free to send me a DM or something =)

    Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!