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European GP queue... doesn't exist

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edited 4:30AM May 22, 2023 in Gameplay Discussion
Season 2 have been started 10 days ago, 2 weekends passed. Let's revive this thread.

Some progress have been done, you reduced number of points between ranks, you made win streaks for 1-3 place. You will give rewards for maximal rank, not for final. It is easier to rank up. But why is it easier?

I have played less number of games in S2, than in S1.
Items S1: 81 races (~70 of them 1st week), 3,857 pts, Gold 3
Items S2: 37 races (1st week only and then queue dead), 4,075 pts, Master 2

Speed S1: 67 races (~60 of them 1st week), 3,477 pts, Silver 1
Speed S2: 11 races (1st week only and then queue dead), 3,435 pts, Gold 1

I ranked higher already in S2 than in S1, thanks for that, but I and a lot other players have potential for higher rank, but no more matches can be found. And as you all can see, I have higher rank, but almost same amount of points, so I ranked higher not because I got more games, but because you reduced gap between ranks. So I can tell, in Europe it became only worse.

Situation in North America (please correct me, if I am wrong):
West coast American players can queue with other American players and sometimes with Asian players, but only in specific time - evening / night. And yeah, add here ping slaps.
East coast same as Europeans.

Situation in Europe (I am here):
European players after reaching Gold 1 in Speed and Master 2 in Items cannot find any matches, even in the same time as Americans do.
Queueing in European evening is a waste of time.
Queueing in American evening is late night for Europe, we all need sleep.
Queueing in American night is morning in Europe. While Americans have matches with Asians, we (Europeans) still are wasting time.

Situation in Asia:
For Korea just turn on "Optimal matchmaking", play 24/7 and don't play with Americans and Europeans with their red ping, because it's their fault that they live not in Asia. Right?

Sum up:
Asians can easily get their high rank and all rewards. Americans can get their hight rank much harder and slower than Asians, but they can. Europeans just wasting time and can't get all rewards, and I am not talking about Top-3/100/1000 rewards. Is it fair? Is it really global game?


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    I think there's a huge difference between Korea and Asia generally. I don't know how the game experience in Korea is like but I also experience that lag issue and difficulty in finding a game here.
    In fact, ever since the second week of this season, I have been struggling to get a game and I always use unrestricted matchmaking. I wait like 10 minutes to find a game and I don't seem to have any luck.

    But I was able to play like 40 games in the first week but regardless, I experience those lag on a daily basis and I'm unable to rank up towards Gold rank.