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Porsche Time Attack Event Announcement

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edited 4:50PM April 7, 2023 in Contests and Events
Hey Racers!

It's time for another time attack event! To show off some of our favorite (and maybe meta??) new karts you will be tasked with finishing a time attack with any Porsche kart.

10 random winners will be drawn and they will receive the Crown License Plate!

How to Enter:
- Complete a time attack race.
- Take a screenshot of the race finish screen, while using any Porsche Collaboration Kart.
- Post that screenshot AND your Racer Name (in-game username) to one of the following places:
1. Post your image to the #entries channel in the official Discord.
2. Comment your image on the official forum post.
3. Comment your image on the Steam Events post.

- Players may enter once per day
- Any inappropriate content (both visual and verbal) will be removed and may result in a ban.
- Submissions must be of the "Race Finish!" screen.
- Submissions must be accompanied by your in-game username.
- Submissions must be appropriate for all audiences.
- We reserve the right to deny any entry, for any reason.
- You must submit your entry before the submission close date of April 17th at 6:00 PM PDT.

Full legal rules can be found here: https://forums.kartrider.nexon.net/discussion/764/porsche-time-attack-event


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    Nice, I would Love to have one for my account, will be taking part on official KRD Discord
  • SmallerbeeSmallerbee
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    Winners list:
    • ilyanelTTV
    • IKeychainI
    • Enigma
    • SNiFF3Z
    • EUゝbronxy
    • phreaky
    • Sebas20
    • Smile미소
    • EUゝnRone4k
  • infosisinfosis
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    Is this event canceled now? And where can I have more details on rule of this event. Looking forward to your guidance