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Downhill Dribble Drive Event Announcement

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edited 12:39PM April 21, 2023 in Contests and Events
Hey Racers!

It's time for another event! Get your swim trunks on, we're heading to the beaches of Rio De Janitro!

The Downhill Dribble Drive event will task you with taking a ball from the pitch on Rio De Janitro all the way to the finish line. The fastest 5 players will earn the exclusive Crown license plate and 20 random entries will earn the Lucky 37 sticker.

This event will run from April 21st at 11 AM PT until May 1st at 6 PM PT.

How to Enter:
  • Begin a time attack on World Tour: Rio De Janitro.
  • Proceed with the race normally until you reach the football pitch (soccer field).
  • Using your kart, push any of the balls from this area to the finish line.
  • Take a screenshot or video of you crossing the finish line with this ball.
  • Post this screenshot or video to any one of the entry channels.
  • Include your Racer Name (in-game username)
    -In the #Entries channel of the Discord
    -As a comment on the official forum post
    -As a comment on the Steam Events post

  • All submissions must include the ball and you crossing the finish line.
  • All video submissions must be under 15 seconds.
  • Every submissions is subject to review, and may be rejected for any reason.
  • Any offensive or inappropriate content will be rejected and may be grounds for further action both in game and on community platforms


Full legal rules can be found here: https://forums.kartrider.nexon.net/discussion/788/


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    Random Winners List:
    • Worship
    • EUゝilyanэl
    • MZGaming15
    • phreaky
    • EUゝnRone4k
    • soge
    • Santtez
    • SugarVictory
    • 수다쟁이웨리
    • LadyLawper
    • NessCyanide
    • Claven
    • QNatio
    • QAA_36
    • EUゝbronxy
    • vincybacco
    • Woongi
    • Haruumi
    • kaz44561
    • Gajeel

    Fastest 5 Racers:
    • phreaky
    • EUゝnRone4k
    • Claven
    • EUゝbronxy
    • vincybacco