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Game Guides 20: Balloons

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This is a guide explaining the newly added “Balloon” items.
- Balloon -
“Balloons” are items that can be equipped on Karts to provide additional effects when playing in Item Mode and Speed Mode.


Balloons are consumable items that are used 1 time for each race. If you consume all of the Balloons uses, the Balloon will be automatically unequipped.
Please take note that all modes excluding the License Mode can be played with the Balloons equipped, and they will be consumed!
- Balloon Item Effects and Upgrades -
Balloons have effects that are applied depending on the item rank, as of Season 4, they can be upgraded up to the Hero rank.

1) Balloon Effects

* These are added to the effects of lower-rank upgrades. (When equipped at Hero rank, has all Normal, Fine, Rare, and Hero rank effects)

2) How to Upgrade
You can upgrade the Balloon of your choice through the in-game [Garage] –> [Kart] –> [Balloon] for 500 Lucci.

Once a Balloon is upgraded, the rank is maintained even if every Balloon is consumed. If you refill the same Balloon or obtain more, they will be at the upgraded rank.
- Refilling Balloons -
The Balloons in your Garage can be refilled using Lucci.

Select the Balloon of your choice and press ‘Refill’ in [Garage] –> [Kart] -> [Balloon].
The refill price for all Balloons is the same, and Balloons can be refilled by sets of 10. (300 Lucci for 10 Balloons)

※ Updated: 10/11/2023
※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment.
They may change according to future updates.