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The Closed Beta has Ended!

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in Official News
The past few days have been an amazing ride. Although the KartRider: Drift Closed Beta has run its last lap, stay tuned for more exciting news to come.
We want to hear your thoughts on what's working and what could be improved, so head over to the Closed Beta Feedback sub-forum to give us your feedback. We'll also be sending every Racer who participated in the Closed Beta a survey, so keep an eye on your inbox for it to arrive.

Thank you for participating in the Closed Beta and helping to test KartRider: Drift. We can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback as we race towards something awesome.


  • FelonyFelony
    KartRider: Drift Rep: 820
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    I saw the broadcast, I liked it a lot, and I'm already waiting for the game to open!
  • -CaPriCe--CaPriCe-
    KartRider: Drift Rep: 470
    Posts: 29
    Awesome game, you guys better bring it back this time around lol. Hoping for another beta around Xmas time.please, please, pleaaaaaase!!!
  • LiltyaLiltya
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    Glad that y'all enjoyed it! We're going through all the bug reports and feedback now, but there's still time to leave your thoughts in the Closed Beta sub-forum :)