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Xbox Series S/X???

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edited 7:45PM September 12, 2020 in Gameplay Discussion

What are you planning regarding the new Xbox Series S/X? Load times on them with their new SSD/CPU combo will be much better compared with the old Xbox One.

We don't want our KartRider Drift game experience (especially loading/waiting times) to be slowed down by users on an old Xbox One or low-end PC. Can you pigeon hole these low-end users into a "slow camp/group/community", so they don't interfere with the high-end users???



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    Games dont need to do anything to take advantage of Series loading time enhancements. Mostly every original xbox one game loads and runs smoother on Series without any patches or updates by dev.

    wanting to segregate the community based on hardware is a really bad image we definitely do not want to set.