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  • Using Lucci to get login rewards which got missed

    I hope we could use Lucci to earn missed login rewards. Sometimes things get busy and a day might be missed unknowingly. This might help a whole lot.
  • Losing in Grand Prix is too Punishing

    The system is... bad!
    The really high risk of losing points is making people not to play this mode.

    It's still possible to get this mode more fair than it is now.
    Just change it to an earn points system. E.g.
    1. 100 p
    2. 60 p
    3. 40 p
    4. 25 p
    5. 20 p
    6. 15 p
    7. 10 p
    8. 5 p
    Dnf 0 p

    And while climbing up the ranking it need more and more points to reach the next one.

    This...I like this. This here is MASTERPIECE. This is exactly what I'm thinking here too. This is just that perfect and I can see why.

    • The ranking system works like a form of a race which fits really good as we are in a racing game all the same!
    • The active and the most skilled players reaches the top while the less skilled one stays behind and has to race with the players of their skill. The top players will be breaking new records of max GP scores on this one.
    • Not only it increases the overall satisfaction of the users, it also ENCOURAGES the players to play more of the rank and participate in the competitive ladder which is norm of competitive plays. Players always plays in rank modes daily in competitive games... which however isn't the case for this one.

    This change is an absolute perfection. I strongly suggest you make a separate post on this one as well so more people can see it. Improvement on Grand Prix mode is a major win if I do say so myself.
  • Ability to send emoji or "wave" to friend

    Also an option to say bye. Always unfortunate to leave a team without being able to say goodbye.
  • Need More Presets

    Yeah either more presets or save the changes done for each kart so we don't need to equip everything all over again.
  • Full Kart Wraps/Skins For Purchase, Sell or to Gif

    Those full kart wraps were a feature in the BETA version. I think we will get that feature soon so technically we can consider the wish granted.