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    To be honest, from here is how I came to know you lol.
  • Severe LAG after latest update

    I saw your reply from the other post and I must agree this has become quite an extremely important concern. We are already nearing the final stage and getting ready for Season 1 but this happens. At this rate, it will give a horrible first impression to the players that hop into the game during Season 1.
  • The State of Gameplay after Maintenance (Feb 15)

    First let me clarify that I am on mobile and I don't know if PC players experience this issue.

    I want to announce a major problem with the gameplay ever since the maintenance took place on February 15. I also like to clarify that before this maintenance, the gameplay used to be smooth and perfect.

    Alright the first problem is that the race already starts while the game is still loading. This is a MAJOR problem and ruins the whole race. When the loading is done and while you are being REDIRECTED to the race, you can already hear the "GO" sound and karts going ahead. Once we get in the race, all others already went far ahead.
    This issue occurs in the first few races once logging into the game but its still a major problem.

    Second major issue is the frame rate drop and it happens a lot now. I used to have frame rate drop rarely on last patch and I must say it used to barely bother me but for this game, it's completely DIFFERENT. In this game, for some reason whenever frame rate drop occurs, the game just considers you kart as laying in a stationary position.. In other words, your kart stops moving when it happens and other players gets to go ahead of you when frame rate becomes small.

    And the third and probably the most annoying problem right now. The movement of other racer's karts aren't smooth. This is the worst because you can't even stay near other races anymore because it causes problems. Last patch, other racer's karts used to drive smoothly but now, they move in a blinking manner. They blink fast several times and move forward little by little. The problem here is that staying near them can cause unexpected collision and completely reduces your speed. You won't even be able to draft.

    I don't know if other devices especially among mobile face the same issue but this is what I am experiencing right now. Horrible bugs. I hope this gets fixed as quickly as possible.
  • Different Engine Sounds for Various Karts

    I think it would be a great addition for the game if some Karts have different sounds from their engines compared to others. It will make many karts feel really special like one of a kind and even offers a much immersive experience providing even more excitement to the players.
    Sounds similar to electric cars can be put into futuristic looking karts especially the types that hover without wheels. Karts like Cosmic Muscle can have sounds similar to muscle cars. Even Mine kart can have a sound similar to traveling through rails.
    These are only a few examples so please get creative!!
    There can be all forms of karts and all forms of sound to come up with. It has so much potential and it would be super awesome to see this coming true!
  • TURN OFF "AUTO ACCELERATION" option for Android

    One thing to note is that the UI of the game is designed to be played on two fingers. So the best approach here is to implement the manual acceleration while still maintaining the simplicity of the UI.

    Thus I have come up with a control layout allowing manual acceleration on a separate post (since it leans more on the UI). Please do check it out. I hope we both can agree that it is a good approach to bringing manual acceleration into the game.